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5 Popular websites for rakhi shopping 2022

5 Popular websites for rakhi shopping 2022

Posted on : 9th June 2022

Festivals are occasions when we have to do so much preparation in very little time. Like during Raksha Bandhan, everyone has to buy gifts, sweets, and Rakhi for their brothers on the one hand, prepare meals, decorate the house, and manage everything else on the other hand.

This can be fussing, and sometimes we forget or don't get time to do a few important things out of the vast list. But with the facility of online shopping and ease of access to numerous websites that deliver everything to our doorstep, it is possible to celebrate the festival without forgetting to do anything or getting super busy going to market again and again.

Let us talk about such popular websites for rakhi shopping to know what makes them so popular.

Five Popular Websites for Rakhi Shopping 2022:

1. is a versatile website dedicated to Raksha Bandhan, where you can also buy a variety of rakhis and Rakhi gifts. This website is amongst the top 5 rakhi shopping websites because of its extensive combo options on Rakhi. They have plants, gifts, chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, accessories, and many other gifting options available on their websites for combos. You can make a combo of your choice and buy that set for Raksha Bandhan. Another thing that makes them a popular choice is their worldwide delivery services. If your brother lives abroad and you wish to send him Rakhi and gifts during Raksha Bandhan, then is the best choice to get the task done.


While is an excellent solution for Rakhi, it gained popularity for being the one-step solution to any celebration. Whether there's a birthday celebration, anniversary celebration, engagement ceremony, valentines day, or any other big or small occasion offers you extensive choices for customized cakes, a wide range of gifts, and numerous options of flowers and rakhi gifting options.

You can make a rakhi with gifts or Rakhi with sweets combo, and if you want to be a little extra on Raksha Bandhan, opt for a cake on home delivery and avail yourself of their best delivery services.

They have an exclusive section where you can buy rakhis according to your relationship with the person. This specialization stands them out and makes them one of the best options to deliver rakhis anywhere and celebrate Raksha Bandhan the way you do want to.


When we think of online shopping, we have various options before the final selection. And has systematically made their website where you can get a separate section of innumerable options of Rakhi. Perl rakhi, traditional rakhi, silver rakhi, designer rakhi, kids rakhi and what not. They have strategically developed their website so that the audience can find out what they want and explore it easily.

With their facility of sending gifts and sending the return gifts on Rakhi to and from India, they are increasingly becoming popular. Another reason for their fast-growing popularity is the way they pack their skills. The packages are visually beautiful, and they increase the interest level of the person who receives the rakhis. They even have offers to buy multiple sets of similar and different rakhis if you have more than one brother. All of that just under one roof is undoubtedly amazing.


If you like the idea of eco-friendly Rakhi, then is your place! You can use their platform to get a bio-degradable and eco friendly that can grow itself into a plant. This idea sounds interesting to inspire the younger generation to understand the importance of being nature friendly and buying such products. So, one reason why is a popular choice is its eco-friendly rakhis.

The second reason is that they don't only have just one type of Rakhi, i.e., eco-friendly. They have plenty of other varieties too. And people prefer them for quick rakhi deliveries across India. Visit their website, and you will know what makes them different and a popular choice amongst people.

5. Flipkart Flipkart

It's impossible not to know Flipkart as one of the leading online delivery websites. They do not just have rakhis to offer you but also deliver other required items for Raksha Bandhan. For example, Puja essentials, gifts, accessories, etc. Since it's a trendy website, they always have some other sale going on, making rakhi shopping easy and pocket friendly for the buyers.

The online store sells every other item you can think of gadgets, beauty products, clothes, food items, footwear, etc., and Raksha Bandhan is one of those times when the festive sale is on. This further allows people to buy many other things at discounted rates. And since Flipkart is a trusted website by many people in India, they prefer buying Rakhi and other Raksha Bandhan-related items from Flipkart.

Those are India's top 5 and most popular websites to trust your Rakhi delivers on time. But if you wish to send Rakhi to your brother living abroad, don't forget that is the best solution for this.

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