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Rakhi Bazaar 2017 is Soon to Witness an Infinite Range


Posted on : 19th June 2017

It will be nothing wrong Rakhi Bazaar is the life and soul of the festive celebration of Raksha Bandhan. We all know that Raksha Bandhan falls every year on the full-moon night of the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. However, the incitement related to it begins almost a month before. This makes it seem like a month-long festive season. The fervor associated with this festival can be easily observed in every locality of India.

rakhiThe traditional as well as modern marketplaces, which are deeply engrossed in opulence and fanfare of colorful Rakhis and Rakhi gifts, exhibit the true value of the celebration and add to the gala moment. The affluent and lavish rakhi bazaar continue to augment the exhilaration of Raksha Bandhan with every passing day. All over the country the sisters become well-occupied with the task of shopping for Rakhis and attractive gift hampers to send to their brothers.

While in some traditional folks, you will still find women collectively sitting for ‘DIY Rakhi’ proceedings, carefully making each and every Rakhi by themselves, others are keen to find the most appealing Rakhis of different varieties and designs in these well-abounding Rakhi Bazaar.

Tying of Rakhi or sacred thread is a traditional practice on this festival and has been considered a divine ritual. In the past few decades this ritual has found commercial connotations and has become a major source of income for tradesmen who are indulged in seasonal mercantile. For many large scale commercialists such as those involved in the gifting industry, garments industry or the jewelers, the Rakhi season is the most lucrative period of the year.

Despite all the odds in the economy such as the steep inflationary trends, the wholesale as well as retail Rakhi Bazaar trade in India never sees downturn phase and every year receives huge turnover. The never-ending demand for personalized Rakhis and Rakhi gift hampers from various sections of society works to the benefit of the wholesalers and retailers. Apart from those who are directly involved in this trade, there are many other traders who might be facing recession in the preceding months. Observing the growing festive enthusiasm, even they are much keen to reap the utmost boon of it and can be noticed doing brisk business during this season.

Like other festive season such as Diwali and Holi this festival too brings prosperity and bender. This can be noticed every year as apart from locally made Rakhis, markets are always flooded with articles and gift items brought from other cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Rajkot and Ahmadabad. Besides, what makes this occasion more colorful is the abundance of Chinese Rakhis. These days you can find them everywhere, from local Rakhi Bazaar and haats to the malls of the city. The abundance of diverse and vivid patterns and designs that are available in the Chinese Rakhis has immensely added to the multiplicity of the Rakhi Bazaar. Apart from the colorful Rakhis, the Chinese market has seeped into the gifting industry by introducing its techno-savvy brands that are much demanded by the kids and the youngsters.

Noticing the unhindered boom in the Rakhi business every year, it can be concluded that it will witness an infinite range to attract customer of every taste and preferences.

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