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Celebrate Rakhi on 26th Aug, 2018

Rakhi Crafts

Rakhi Crafts Rakhi Crafts: How you can Make a Beautiful Rakhi with Waste Material!

Rakhi is that special thread that signifies the emotional bond shared between brothers and sisters! There is a multitude of emotional feeling that brothers and sisters share which include care, love and affection. And, it is these sentiments that matters the most on this day! There cannot be a better way to express love and affection to your sister/brother than making a Rakhi on your own. It will more fun to make a homemade Rakhi on your own than buying one from the market as you can put in your creativity. Here, we are going to tell you how you can make an amazingly beautiful Rakhi from waste material:


Do you have at your home spare pieces of thread lying inside the house? Don’t worry, now you can put them through great use on Raksha Bandhan! Here’s how you can do it.

Materials needed
  • • Threads of different colours
  • • Sequins
  • • Beads

How to make a Rakhi from these Materials
  • • Take threads of various colours and also a few of the golden coloured strands! It will be better if you can take up red and yellow coloured threads as they are considered to be auspicious.
  • • Bring all these threads together so as to make string of the Raksha thread! Now you can decorate it by pasting sequins and beads in the middle of the string thus made. You can also use any motif or religious things present at your home.


You may have some unused sandalwood that has been brought for home remedies or there may be some left out from a DIY project! Sandalwood Rakhi can be fits perfectly in to the category of waste material Rakhi.

Materials Needed
  • • Shining gift paper
  • • Red interlace
  • • Glue
  • • Beads of Sandalwood

How to make a Rakhi from these Materials
  • • You can make the string with the help of plait and the red thread.
  • • Take the shining paper and cut it down into a desired shape and paste it onto the middle of the string.
  • • Now decorate the upper part of the Rakhi string further with Tulsi or sandalwood beads.
  • • If you are not able to stick them permanently then you may also stitch these beads on Rakhi.


If you have your home near a beach and can collect shells then, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Materials needed
  • • Shells
  • • Sequins
  • • Kalava thread
  • • Beads

How to make a Rakhi from these Materials
  • • Take the Kalawa thread and from the middle, fold it!
  • • Decorate it in the middle of the thread with Rudraksha or Om.
  • • Decorate rest part of the Rakhi with beads, tiny shells and Sequins. You can either stick them or stitch them.


Do you own a spare locket that is not being used by anyone? There cannot be a better way than this when you can use something which is of no use now.

Materials needed
  • • Golden or Silver thread
  • • Beads
  • • Old locket

How to make a Rakhi from these Materials
  • • You can make the string from 5-6 golden and silver threads.
  • • Put into the string beads and the old gold locket on to the middle of the string.
  • • You need to tie the ends together to make sure that the beads do not come out of the string.

These are a few of the ideas on how you can make a beautiful rakhi from waste material! This can give you the pleasure of creating something by your own hands which will look so very natural. There cannot be a better way than this for celebration Raksha Bandhan with your brother. These Rakhi craft ideas can create wonders to your relationship with your brother.

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