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Traditional and Stylish forms of rakhi

Traditional and Stylish forms of rakhi

Posted on : 2nd July 2015

Raksha Bandhan is a major Hindu festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm around the world. The rituals followed on this festival involves tying a sacred thread called 'Rakhi' on the brother's wrist by the sister and praying for his goodness. In return, brothers take an oath to protect their sisters from all the evils of the world. As per the budget and preferences of people, numerous styles and designs of rakhi are available in the market. Some of the most popular variety of rakhi are discussed below.

Traditional Rakhi

In this section, you will get the various variety of traditional rakhi which are still there in the market due to their ethnic look and sacred purpose.

Mouli rakhi:- Mouli is a sacred thread mainly used in Hindu Dharma for tying onto the wrists while performing rites. This sacred thread is also known as 'Kalava'. This thread was previously being used as a rakhi to tie on the wrist of brothers by sisters.

Resham rakhi:- The most ancient variety of rakhi is Resham Rakhi. It is the most famous variety of rakhi present there since ancestral period. Followed by cotton or silk threads, resham rakhi are soft in touch and shiny in appearance. These rakhi are heavily decorated and liked by people of all age group.

Beads rakhi:- Gradually, the simple rakhi has transformed into newer look. The manufacturer started embellishing the rakhi thread with various different materials. The most widely used material used to beautify rakhi thread are beads. Rakhi embedded with beautiful tiny beads are put into this category. Beaded rakhi imparts a unique tribal appearance.

Contemporary Rakhi

Rakhis are fabricated by various expensive materials like silver, gold, semi-precious stones and many more. Below are some of the contemporary styles of rakhi threads that have captured a big percentage of market share.

Gold-Siver coated rakhi:- With the change in time, the simple thread of silk or cotton rakhi has transformed and evolved as a completely new Rakhi. Now-a-days, gold and silver are being used to beautify the most traditional form of rakhi thread. Rakhi, decorated with silver and golden threads enhance its overall look all the more beautiful and attractive.

Stones Rakhi:- Stone rakhi are the beautiful rakhi embellished with various precious and semi-precious stones of different shapes and sizes. These rakhi with various kinds of glittering stone pieces look just marvelous. Stone rakhi come in numerous colors and can attract anyones attention.

Shree-Om rakhi:- Designers keep on experimenting with the various material and demands of people. A rakhi thread with a symbol of 'Shree-om' and 'Swastika' are very much popular among people these days. Such rakhi leave a religious impression. So these rakhi are specially popular among religious people.

Musical rakhi:- One can also come across some stylish musical rakhi which play a special kind of music. Mainly used by the richer people, these rakhi are very much in demand by people of all age group.

Floral/Zari rakhi:- The market is flooded with various stylish and designer rakhi to attract brothers and sisters. Floral rakhi consists of small or big flowers that makes them extremely beautiful. Such rakhi have a touch of ancientness. While Zari rakhi are mainly created from zari threads. In addition of this, zari is also used for making the middle part or the base of Rakhi. Being shiny in nature, it attracts the attention of everyone.

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