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Celebrate Rakhi on 26th Aug, 2018

Types of Rakhi

Types of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over in India to strengthen the bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. Almost every religion and every parts of the country celebrates this festival with utmost ecstasy. But, it’s basically a festival of the Hindus and is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Shraavana. It commemorates the pious relationship of sisters and brothers!

While, the sisters ties Raksha thread on the wrist of the brothers and prays for his well being, brothers vow top protect their sisters from all the evil eyes of the world or keep her safe. Also, they present each other with delightful rakhi gifts! Sweets are also the special delight of the festival of Rakhi. Raksha Bandhan 2018 is falling on 7th of August and sister around are moving crazily in search of an enchanting Rakhi options for their brothers.

In previous times, Rakhi was only a thread that showcased the bond between brothers and sisters, nevertheless nowadays, the world is becoming more fashionable and so are the ways in which Rakhis are designed. Now, you can find a variety of Rakhis in both offline and online stores. A few of them have been discussed herewith for a bountiful Rakhi celebration:

1. Sandalwood Rakhi

It is the heart-warming fragrance of sandalwood that brings in charm in the celebration of the festival! Sandalwood Rakhis are made by making use of different structures made from sandalwood. It may be in the form of flowers, animals, or some popular cartoon characters or may be small idols of Gods. To impart n ethnic look to the Rakhi many a times, beads of sandalwood are also used.

2. Cartoon Rakhi

Cartoon Rakhis are the one in which, there has been made famous cartoon characters on to the beautifully designed threads. These are generally the characters of the cartoon which are popular amongst small kids. Donald duck, Tweety, Casper, Shaktiman, casper, Micky Mouse and many more are some of the famous cartoon characters. This type of rakhi is usually for children.

3. Zari Rakhi

Zari threads are used to make such type of Rakhis. Also the central decoration of the Rakhi is done with the help of Zari and zari used therein is generally golden or thread which imparts to the rakhi royal and shiny look.

4. Floral Rakhi

These are one of its kinds Rakhis which looks quite traditional! These Rakhis are made from different types of flowers and so they give the touch of ancient times and it makes it really beautiful. The sweet fragrance of these Rakhis is an added advantage which gets spread in the surrounding.

5. Musical Rakhis

These are those Rakhis which produce a beautiful musical sound when it is touched! They are fitted with special type of sensors which gets activated on touching and thereafter start playing some melodious music. Most, children are crazy about such type of Rakhis.

These are only a few of the choices for Rakhi that you can bank upon on this Raksha Bandhan celebration. There are a plenty of other choices for different genre of people through which you can surprise your brothers. Raksha Bandhan is about to approach and all sisters out there are looking out for enchanting ideas for Rakhis. You can take reference from the given or you can also explore more if you want more ideas. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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